Overskrift på siden

Overskrift 1

Den her er så lang at jeg tror på at den er endnu længere end Jazzys...d ?...

Overskrift 1

Overskrift 1

Så you bellieve that you can change things by a single vote
Well, some bellieve it but I don´t
and please don´t tell me that
goverment rules

it stinks !!
and almost
serve the kools with their enjoing drinks in pools ?

leaving you as their tool and fool to mowe
for their promises
I don´t know about you
but I have to dicede for migselfes
What i wanna do
and how I WANNA LIVE..

Don´t take any bull !
we have a right to live the live
to decide it ourselfes
where our hearts and souls must go
and I love you so
but you know me I wan´t it all and

nuthing nobody ):
I stand writer...
and I stand tall
so mowe out my way !
I don´t bellieve the hype...
so get on up and work for it and let´s
work it out

It´s dammit your life !

Bring farward your fantazy and dreams and your hopes
couse if you take the crab from CNN
AND BBC 1 2 3 plus and more
from the ass´es
push their shit
but is it really so ?
war, death, shootings blood and bodies flow ?
or tough proppoganda from the power that hide behind the scenes

Hey, were all fucking Kings and dammit Queens..

And don´t ask -
why should you ??
did you think they would salute you
or even try to So-Call help you ?
bellieve what you SEE is thrue...
It´s only life...
the power of love
is peaceful
but money too !
we need a full wallet
to go out and meet people
face that face is what we all gotta do

See and be yourselfes and stand against the power that bee !
make up your OWN mind and get out
and live...

and B free..
I don´t bellieve yesterdays socalled news in pappers, magasins and on T.V.
that brutilize YOU and suck our souls
and abuse us too
but how hard they try
they will never come to live YOUR life !'
or try what you have tried
and once again
don´t bellieve the hype...

So bellieve in your heart
and bellieve in yourself
live and let live
with every breath
why don´t you
hung up and strong...
Insist on
that you are a beutyfull and wonderfull one
keep smiling while you tuble and turn
and stare at the sun
and still again :
what they tell us is the wrong...

be free
and let us spitt it right intoo democracy
all they wont is our money and to rule and even divided themselfes try to divide us too
as they used to in scool
nope nope nope nope !
you got choice
and right to live your life
and show your thrue collers and really you !
after all It´s only the world spinning
and me and you now thrue !
so stay cool
but never let them tame ya !

lies lies lies lies
what is what
and who is who
so fuck the economy
if the gready hands won´ts all the

that they squandle
well it ain´t so funny !
use your own mind
go fore what you know is right
heart and soul
make a scandal
and break right on through..

realize that life is your life !
and no oneelse can help you !
"no help from my friends"
so stay cool
and do what you wonna do
we are human
and have hearts too
we must join toghether
before they make a fool of me and you
both alone and unitet
remember unity is powerfull...

Don´ let them confuze you
I don´t want to alarm any sisters or brothers
but could you please try to provocate indicate
the akkurate
so don´t hide your might
or your collers from others
I wont power but
peace of mind
and freedom too !!
and please remember that bee cannot
controle you

if you use your imagenation and stand
tall agains submission

and free your mind from corruption and seduction
so wether it´s noble
to suffer in the mind
no no no and no !
and nein nein nein..
cue !
Continius fight to bee you !
don´t bellieve borderline
there is no silver linen
so be free
there is no use in hiding
it´s only you and me fighting
the power that bee
so that may be one day 
U & me
will be free

come on, stand our own ground
we are the world
our souls could be found
recreate ourselfes and the world go round
things are never what they seem to B
we ALL wont
peace power love harmony - and to be free
right now
and may be
for eternerty...

So create your own world

just make our own decisions

think act mowe your ass right

but fight the night !

work, try and try and try and try

for peace and love and life

and be yourself all day

and be yourself all night

I love you when your calm and strong

and really out of sight

everything wil be allright

nomatter what they say

Let people rule and decide

for themselfes

where they live

we need sociaty !

all right streets wellfare and
hospitals are great

but thats it !

or to be dommenated

we dont need allways to fight about it

and by the way
it shoul´nt be so complicated..
break the night and simplfy ...
there is no fight-we must unite

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11.04 | 09:39

Du skriver fantastisk levende og det er bestemt interesant at læse. Om jeg s...

18.11 | 22:02

Der er nogen der lytter, fx. helt fra Honduras.

21.02 | 19:03

Skønt med et menneske der har en mase på hjertet

29.03 | 19:53

Jeg syn´s at denne side er vild for syg, især Alberte..(Luna)...